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MetaReport is a report building tool that can use multiple data sources of various formats (Access, dBase, Paradox, MS SQL, Oracle, InterBase and others) to create reports.  Since most companies use different databases (Access for office, SQL for web and Oracle for inventory tracking, for example), the usefulness of this software is apparent to any person who worked in the database management field.


MetaReport offers several advantages over its competitors.

First, the program uses ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) and BDE (Borland Database Engine) to build reports, but does not requires having BDE installed.
Second, the program can be used inside third-party applications by using a built-in ActiveX object.
Third, various data parameters can be specified without having to alter the report itself.


Program owner can choose from several popular report formats - from simple TXT or CSV to  WMF, XLS, HTML, RTF, PDF.  It means that reports built with MetaReport can be processed later in Excel or other applications, placed on the web, e-mailed or made a part of presentation.

The report building process itself is a very simple one and is based on using a visual report builder module.  The report templates can be not only saved, but also "locked" to prevent anyone from altering them.


All in all, MetaReport is a budget solution that is a fortunate combination of straightforwardness, added value and functionality.


See MetaReport features for more detail.


How to use MetaReport in your applications you can see in examples for Visal Basic and Delphi. Also see Type library Description.


In order to register COM server you can use /regserver parameter or run MetaReport without any parameters.

To remove registration from your system run MetaReport with /unregserver parameter.